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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Self Editing

Ok, so I just want to clarify that I am not literally poor and I didnt mean to sound so insensitive as to think that what I am going through is even close to poor. I am truly blessed living a completely charmed life and that was more the point I was trying to make than anything else.

I hate being poor. More than anything. Its been such a hard year and honestly there have been many times, well, maybe not many, but several times I have thought of going to get a "paying" job. Even a retail one just so I could have some money!! Then I think, what the heck am I thinking? I really do have a million and one reasons to feel lucky and I am so blessed. Then I get back to work on my charity and remember that I am a happy people and that is that. Then the next time I walk into Anthropologie or meet a friend to "window shop" on Cedros it starts all over again. It is hard this economy. This is the first time since we have been together that Jean-Claude and I did not go buy a 12 foot tree. Here is our tree from last year. It was so pretty and huge. We just couldn't bring ourselves to go buy a little tree. So hopefully next year, things will be better and we will be able to resume our tradition...

The "Designing with the Diva's" book is out and it is really great! I am so lucky to have been asked to contribute. I am on page 32. If you would like a copy, email me, I have some for sale and 20% will be donated to Scrapbook Royalty. I didn't have the foresight to get them signed at the book signing... duh! but I will get it signed for you at CHA if you can wait to have it till February. So let me know! The book is $19.95 and it has over 58 projects in it for all levels of crafters. We will be using this book for my Scrapbook Club at Pink Pineapple. I am really excited about it! You can sign up for Scrapbook Club by calling Pink at 760-598-2222. The 2009 kits are going to be amazing!!

So the book signing was a blast. I got to meet Warren Gruenig finally! He is the one that did the article on us last month in Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazing. He is Dee Gruenig's husband and she is so sweet! Several of the designers were there. The always inspiring Jolee Jane was there, who aparently was thinking on the same lines as me for dress that day. We both showed up in party dresses and tights with modern mary janes. It was really fun to see everyone's projects which look so different in real life! Jane Carlson, former SBR committee member, did this amazing Geisha girl canvas and I had no idea that it was so large. I just loved it!

Anyway, it was just too fun and I am honored to be a part of this book!

Thank you Diva Danielle and Rayme Royale!


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Jennifer Priest said...

Love all the pics!!! Congrats on the book too Elena!! I totally hear a on the economy. I contemplate getting a job every day but then I too think of what I have and that later in life I will look back and treasure these moments and the things I was able to do, even if I was poor while doing it. Keep up the good works!!

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Hi there:
You know what they say about great minds!

:::They think alike ::::
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