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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OMG I'm on Facebook!- funny pics

I can't believe I caved! I signed up for facebook day before Christmas eve and it is seriously nutso there! I dont know who they are but I have 109 friends! just kidding. I know them :) it is fun though seeing the status updates and the random sillyness people post. I am not great at keeping up with the blog but status updates are easy! And I have found a ton of old friends on there. I can see the usefulness now.... Still, I feel like a teenager! and i was having a chat about the gifts people send and how funny they are with Trisha and I am laughing out loud at her response...
Who Gives A Scrap message board post:
"I know I don't get it either are not alone. One minute, one of my friends is giving me a popsiclce and the next minutes, I am getting sucker punched, and then I get sheep thrown at me! LOL!"
Happy People, Happy Christmas...

So I am a happy people and I love Christmas. This year was a slimed down more reasonable version of Christmas compared to years passed and it was great. I had fun making presents although they took me forever! Made this lap blanke for my mom. she gets cold in the car becuase Uncle Mike blasts the AC!

This came in my stocking. I couldnt stop laughing! Santa (eric) has a sense of humor! (It's a hairnet). I couldnt stop laughing.. sorry for the adult content :)

And another Family Holiday photo session. I just love using the custom timer setting on my Canon G9. this is the best camera i have ever had!

Ok, there are a bunch more funny ones but here is a normal one (to make Mama proud) and that is enough for now.

Why does it take me 4 hours to do a post? Oh, maybe becuase I am supremely A.D.D. and trying to do at least 5 things at once! including talk on the phone and the SBR accounting!

Hope you are having a very Happy Holiday!


buttafly said...

Your pics are so funny. I love your brother's gift! Hee-larious! Facebook, eh? Brian's been pushing me but the jury's still out on that one. I have enough trouble keeping up with my blog and myspace! Happy New Year Elena!!

A Sweet Escape said...

Super funny pics!!! the pubes one is the best!! lOL!! just saw that you were featured on fiskateers...Go Elena!! that's awesome :) The circle journals look really cool!!