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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Disneyland - do I live there?

What I did at the end of the Christmas holidays...

teri asked if I live at Disneyland and all I can say is "heck yeah!" in my dreams :) I just love it there, the smell of happiness and fantasies coming true in the air :) Did you register your birthday yet? You can go for free on your birthday! I will go with you if I can!

So i was there to see my cousins Erica and Masaki and their families. Erica lives in Hong Kong and went back that night. Masaki lives in the Bay Area and I do not get to see him often at all. We all grew up visiting on summer holidays and such and it feels good get to see them once in a while. And of course when they said meet us at Disneyland, I was in!

here is me schooling Cody on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Check out my score :) hee hee! I know a few tricks and have been on this ride about 400 times :)

Last Friday Maryam and I went to Downtown Riverside to go shopping at all the cute little antique stores. I was really really good. I only bought a piggy ornament and some stuff for Scrapbook Club. It was really fun. We had lunch at the historic Mission Inn and I finally gave her her Christmas present. I made this hat for. Dang I am crafty! You can't tell but I blinged out the flowers and Maryam loves butterflies so I put one of those on there as well. The area around the Mission Inn is adorable with little shops and museums. I would recommend it for a day trip to anyone!
Another cycle of Scrapbook Club at Pink Pineapple starts tomorrow and I am totally excited about it. I am now in charge of doing the kits and i have to say they are beyond beyond cute! I hope everyone likes them. I am also going to be teaching my "Wish" crown book class on Sunday from 11am-2pm at Pink. Hope you can make it! STUPID BLOGGER IS NOT LETTING ME POST PICS BUT THE INFO IS ON MY OLD BLOG...WWW.ELENA.TRAVELINGPRINCESS.COM i WILL KEEP TRYING TO POST PHOTOS. :)

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