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Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh what wonderful friends I have

My little Jessekins came over today again to help me finish the 100+ welcome packets for The Royal Slumber Crop. She is such an amazing friend. She has been to almost every single SBR event and just slaved away! And since the begining she has been enthusiastic and willing to help any time I call. I just love this girl! She is also the only friend that came to visit when I was living in Taiwan last time! The rest of you missed out! We had so much fun. But how can you not have fun with Jesse???

And my new slogan is "Never underestimate the power of a Princess" This was in the inside of this crown key ring that Rachel ( I call her blewie) gave me today. She said she saw it and couldn't resist. It makes me feel so special that she thought of me. Nothing is better than a spur of the moment gift just because! Thanks Blewie!

and I got a new signature from a new friend Bonnie G. It reminds me of fairy wings! If you get an email from me, it will be on there :) i just love it!


Crazy Rachel said...

Use it in good health! It's so funny, for EVER I wanted a nickname when I was younger, and now I am full of em!

Love ya!

Deborah said...

Did you mail them last night too - mine already came...YIPPEE I am getting excited for March. hugs, deb-

Jennifer Priest said...

Mine came already too! I really do wish we lived closer so we could have some adventures together. Can't wait to see you at CHA this week!!!