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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I knew I loved Starbucks and then....

They made me love them even more! I am such a junkie. my drink has evolved... my new drink is a Grande 1/2 soy 1/2 non fat 2 pump chai with not water and no foam. yes, its a mouthful but thankfully they only screw it up once in a while!

And the real reason I love "Bucks" is that they are doing a really cool thing to promote volunteerism. Jennifer posted about it on the SBR blog

pledge 5 hours of volunteer work and get a free tall coffee! I don't drink coffee but I know a lot of people do and I think its a great motivator right? go on line and pledge and you know I am always looking for volunteers for SBR!

And today is the last day to vote for Jennifer... scroll down a couple of posts for the details... I really hope she wins!

And I have been working hard, to get ready for CHA. the biggest networking opportunity for SBR all year. Jesse came over last night and helped me bling tshirts and kit for the Slumber Crop. So much to do!!

Thank you Michelle for the pre-event challange kits. they are perfect!

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