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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am thinking today:
I am not sure where I am going but I know where I have been. Where I have been has made me who I am and that is all I can be. Accept me for me and we will be friends forever.
I am blessed to have lots of friends and people who care about me. Some have come and gone but I am blessed to have a few who accept me for who I am...

I have good news:
Scrapbook Royalty's story and mission has been published again! Page 94 of February's Creating Keepsakes Magazine is all about SBR! CK is pretty much the biggest magazine in the industry and we are in it! it is amazing! I have not seen the magazine yet but here is a picture of it from Gloria's blog

I have a request:
and my wonderfriend and Scrapbook Royalty Creative Director, Jennifer needs votes for her adorable book! she is a finalist in the Quickutz Deck the Halls Contest!!
Please vote for her here:
You'll have to register with Quickutz but it is painless, I promise.
You can vote once every day so please vote for her!!!


Jennifer Priest said...

Thank you for the shout out!! And so cool to see SBR in print. You go girl! Your word verification is killing me over here...

Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats said...

I can not wait to see the article.
I also remembered to vote 2 days in a row, a record for me. Hopefully Jennifer will win, I love that book.