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Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh how I love cute little piggies!!

Want one of these cute little baskets??

I just finished my little goodies for my class this Sunday. Each participant is getting this little basket that I altered. I may try to bake cookies to put inside but then again, I may just buy them :) I still have 3 seats if you can join! Scroll down a few posts for details.

Jennifer T knows how much I love cute little piggies!! Look at this adorable crocheted piggie she made for me. Complete with purple tutu. I absolutely love it!

I love it so much I took it to Cupcake Love in Solana Beach for a cupcake. This little cupcake store is pretty new and yum-a-licious! The owner Ilene was really nice and she said she wanted to donated a gift certificate to our next event! It was a nice little sweet treat to see Patty, Sandy, Kat and Dawn. I got to give Patty her very belated bday present which she said she loved :)

and look at this new technique I just discovered! I am going to claim it as my own invention but I am sure it was already invented :)
Diamond Dust, Alcohol ink - mix and voila! colored glass glitter. add a little or alot. create your own shade! It looks a lot more purple than in the picture. Oh what a happy people I am today!


RollerScrapper said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you like the little piggy! Funny thing, as I am reading your blog I'm waiting for my cupcakes to bake :) - and as you know, my glue to dry lol!

Mine are going to be rumcake cupcakes (hic!) :)

Enjoy the piggie, you certainly have caputured her in a much cuter light than I did on my blog :)

Kathleen said...

There we are...sucking cupcake crumbs.