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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Tis the Season!

I came home and these beautiful ginormous roses were on my desk. They are lovely and they smell amazing! A few years ago, Jean-Claude asked me what kind of flowers I wanted planted around the house. I told him I love honeysuckle and big super fragrant roses. So by the front door are the honeysuckle that welcome friends and when the season is right, I get surprise roses every few days. It makes me feel really special and reminds me how thoughtful my husband can be.

Today was Art Meet up at Jackie's newly remodeled home. I picked up Kat
and we were off for some female bonding!

Jackie's creative space is what used to be the master bedroom and it is awesome! We altered these really cute light switches. here is the one I did.

Everyone scavenged around Jackie's room and through her amazing "JUNQUE" to pick out pieces that spoke to them.

It's a testament to Jackies amazing collecting abilities that everyone's came out so supremely different!

check out this amazing old manequin with all the fun bling!
Yep, That's a horse in the bathtub!!

Thank you Jackie for a very fun meet up!


jackieb said...

thanks for the fun post on your blog. I think it's a testament to how creative everyone is that each and every "little piece art" was so different and amazing.

can't wait to do it again!

hugs, jackie

jackieb said...

oh I forgot to comment on the roses...I can almost smell them from here. They are beautiful and how fun to get a "surprise" now and then...the best things in life are free :}

Kat said...

Beautiful roses! Lucky girl!

Just call me Silly Sal said...

So funny Elena. Next to my photo it says, "check out this amazing old mannequin. . . ." He, he, he. I hate it when the words don't appear next to the photos like you intended. You did intend to have the words some place else, didn't you? :)

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

That is hilarious Sally! NO, you are not an old manequin! but amazing, yes!