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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Come and get it!!!

Im a new homeowner!! It's my first time and I feel great!

Wow, I really didn't know when this day would ever come. It has been a month since we started the escrow process and I am finally moving in. I am about 70% moved. that means 100% unpacked but it is official. I have waaaay too much stuff. So I am going to diligently go through boxes this week, and hopefully next week will start taking visitors to pick through and take away whatever they can.

I know so many of you want my stuff. I have already had a few calls saying "I get first crack at it!" Trust me, its gooooood stuff! And some crap too :)

And believe it or not, I need stuff! Crazy huh? I need things like a cool paper towel holder

trash cans for the 3 pottys


patio furniture

a bacon grease screen

a cheese grater

A garden hoseAn iron and ironing boardSooooo.... Want some of my stuff? Come and get it and leave me a donation to help me get the stuff I actually need!

1 comment:

jackieb said...

got any furniture I can paint. ha ha

can't wait to see your place...congrats!