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Saturday, May 23, 2009


It was my beautiful friend Gloria's Bday and Maryam and Melanie planned a very sweet party at Cupcake Love in Solana Beach. Gloria was surrounded by friends and family and with tears in her eyes, I know she had a great time! Here is the card I made her with a necklace that says "endurance" Gloria runs marathons so that word fit her perfectly.

This is a really awesome chair with a Gloria Doll that Jackie B made and everyone just loved loved loved it!
Melanie painted this beautiful painting for her.

Here she is surrounded with love.

Here is a journal I altered for her. An homage to her amazing accomplishments with "inside" symbolism becuase sometimes life kicks us in the a** and we just have to endure. Thank you Gloria for helping me when I needed to get through it and know I am here for you now. Happy Birthday G.


Euphoria said...

WOW- looks like a great time had by all! I am in love with the altered journal you made- LOVE IT!

Melanie said...

I love all the stuff you made... It was lots fo fun and so glad you could finally make it!!

Bekah said...

I'm totally loving that altered journal! Way cute!!! :]

<3 B

Jennifer Priest said...
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