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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Faeries in the tree!

I just finished making the dolls for a little doll swap I am doing. I was inspired by my friends Georgia and Sally and I just had to try it!

so they let me pick the theme which is Faeries! of course because I am Head Fairy for SBR!

So here are my paper dolls.... Mine are sitting. I found a picture of a slutty fairy with garter and all and I photoshopped it and gave her glitter panties. not pictured. this is not that kind of blog!

Anyway, then I scanned one of my moo cards that I love and I had to resize it like a thousand times to get the head size right.
Then I made her a flower and tulle skirt and used a fleur de lis chipboard piece for the body. A little more glitter, a little bling and a stick pin wand and she was ready to go!

Oh, the stick pin was scaring me so I hot glued a butterfly at the end so no one would end up needing a tetnus shot if they picked her up wrong.Or in case she flies away and they try to catch her!!
Becauase Mela made her some wings for me that I covered in tissue paper using the technique she taught me and voila! A Fairy!
Holy crap I am a HAPPY PEOPLE!! and after this post you might think I'm a bit crazy too! This post is crazy but its how my brain is working right now!

Ok -speaking of what a happy people I am. I do have to say that Ulta Salon pissed me off good today. I was charged $10 extra for a haircut because my hair is long. I called to find out wtf and they said it is a charge they add to anyone with hair past their shoulders. So I ask you friends. have you ever heard of such a thing? what a load of crap!! So now I need a new hairdresser. So sad, I really liked her!
I asked Mela, who has long hair, and she said she has never been charged either. I really want to know if you have been charged so tell me!

Still happy! :)


terri k said...

Yes, I have heard of being charged extra for long hair. I've seen signs at different salons saying $xx more for long hair. They should have told you upfront about the extra charge!

Cute fairies!!

jackieb said...

i have seen an extra charge for longer hair posted in hair salon's but I think it's just a way to get more money...isn't like you got it in different lengths. I would call the credit card company and dispute it as a matter of principle. They did not tell you up front, did they? You've been there before right? so WTF!ha ha I kept saying to myself W....T....F.... hmm what does that mean? I'm slow ha ha

Melanie said...

WTF: Wacky Total Fairy!!
CUTE CUTE I love all the fairies sitting in the tree!! They turned out adorable!

RollerScrapper said...

Those fairies are so awesome! I love how their bodies are fleur de lis! I think I have been charged extra for long hair, but it was because of a perm, but to be fair that involves a lot of extra rolling. I can't help you a lot on cheap hair, since mine's long I just cut it myself...unless you want a free styling from me...but no guarantees that it's

pj said...

LOVE your fairy paper dolls. you're so clever! I have heard of certain salons charging for long hair and i too think it's absurd. btw- i added both your blog and sbr to my blog! :) have a good weekend!

The Silotts said...

they are so super cute...
i have also heard of the extra charge but never have gone to one of those places.

Bekah said...

those paper dolls are just too cute!!! I am loving them like omg!!!

<3 B