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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It was a really wonderful Mother's Day. I spent Saturday at my mother in law's house in Bakersfield. It was really hot! I played with my calendar from Scrapbook Club a little and I realized that sometimes you just have to start over! Not the whole book, but I am redoing one of the pages for sure. Just couldnt get it to look right. And I stared and stared at this canvas that I made my mom for Mother's Day but It still didnt look finished. I gave it to her and she loved it but I brought it home to work on it some more. I know she mostly loved it becuase of the photo of her and her sister. I did this in a Lisa Bebi class a couple of weeks ago at Sally's House. Lisa does this paint over technique that she explains on her blog. I did not do the technique right so to saythis is Lisa Bebiesque is a stretch but her work is beautiful and it inspired me.

Here is my brother Eric's gift to my mom. (notice the difference in creative process between us two) I could have died when she opened it in front of everyone. I would have killed him if I wasn't so busy laughing. She said she is going to hang them in the hallway to my room at her house. They are all me sleeping on different trips we have taken. WHATEVER! And they are pretending to be me in the picture but my tongue is totally not hanging out when I sleep! Jean-Claude said I look like an angel. Ha ha, he did not say that :)

I bought these little bird houses and covered them with Paper/ paint and stuff. I did this in the car on the way down from Bakersfield on Sunday and totally got car sick! Aren't they cute though!

My Aunts and Grandma loved them. It's the simple things in life that seem to bring the biggest smiles! I am a happy people for sure!


A Sweet Escape said... are the best pictures ever!! Your brother is pretty funny!!! I'm loving your birdhouses!! they are just adorable!!

jackie said...

Now I think I need to setup a craft table in my car so I can make stuff on the road. ha ha I love the thought of you decoupaguing on the way to Bakersfield. :}

Tracy S said...

Hahahaha!! I LOVE Eric's pictures!!! And they are so nicely framed too. Hilarious!! Hmmm...I bet I have a few pictures I could have given him. :-) I can't wait to show this to Chad, he's going to crack up!

Your gift to your Mom is really cute, the picture is so precious!

The bird houses are adorable too.

buttafly said...

I love the Sleeping Elenas! Such a fun thing to do!

Great job on the bird houses!! I want to make some!