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Friday, May 15, 2009

To Dutch Flat and back...

Miss Vicky's Retreats...
Well, there is nothing like a road trip with Miss Vicky and Carly and this week I got to do a fun 12 hour trip from North of Sacramento back home. Miss Vicky generously donated some great sturdy shelving to SBR and we hauled it down. Unfortunately the wood part of the shelving was really moldy because of the freak snow storm Dutch Flat got a couple of weeks ago so I had to buy new wood, but the racks are amazing and going to make the storage unit so much more bareable! I dont know why but for some reason what I need is always in the bottom box! Here are a few photos of Miss Vicky's place.

Could you imagine if your craft room looked like this? and this is about 1/100th of what she has

These vintage bottles are just a small portion of the bottles she has. She finds them all over her property becuase Dutch flat is a historic mining town. Just can't tell you how much I love everything about this place. Its is always an amazing experience to go there.

I will be there for a Designing with the Diva's retreat on June 19th and 20th if you can come. Its going to be amazing! Angela, and Cheryl from Fiskateers will be there hosting the crop with me and we will be making some awesome projects from the Designing with the Diva's book that I was published in! We will be making a version of this birthday hat.

And last week I was at Jackie's for art meet up and as always it was super fun. Jackie opens up her art studio to some friends once a month, offers some guidance on a little project and then sets us loose in her personal stash. And boy does she have a stash! We all do, but hers is particularly awesome and large! It actually takes up her whole upstairs! here are some of our projects
Jackies Art Meet Up...

This month we got sadistic and mutilated dolls to make unique art. Jackie gave us each an old prescription bottle and showed us her creation and we all fed off her amazing creativity to come up with our own altered bottle. I ended up using a mini purfume bottle instead. I just like things smaller and cuter and honestly I am running out of space on my dresser for all the things I make and can't part with!

Melanie rips the middle out of a flower and I chopped the head off one doll and the feet off another. What can I say, you have to make sacrafices for art!

You know how we say, if I could just put his face on that personality, it would make the perfect man? Well, that is kind of what I was thinking with this doll :)
Here are the finished dolls. I am still working on mine a little. I gave her a pet pig but then noticed she does not have arms so figuring out how to work that out! created by Left to right- Bet, Melanie, Elena (mini one) Kat, and Jackie. Jackie has more pics on her blog.


jackieb said...

you look pretty sadistic in that picture chopping off little pink girl's feet.

It's for art so it's okay.

Our bottles are AWESOME for sure.

Lynn's Magic Coner said...

I love your smile~

by the way thank you for show my blog in yours but there are double http:// in there can't connect successful :)

Melanie said...

Mold.... YUCKA!!!!
Ha ha, ripping flowers... yay!!
Who needs arms to have a pet pig?? said...

Hold me. I'm scared.