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Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of those strong.

It happens sometimes. A day that just keeps getting worse and worse.  Until you are in such a state that all you want to do is lay your head down and cry. And then the doubt sets in.  Why is it when you are in this state you start to doubt everything about everything.  I hate second guessing myself.

I believe I was put on this earth to do things for others. There is nothing I feel more confident in than my ability to take care of people that need me.   I take that skill and work every day knowing that if I stay true to who I am, I will be doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

So why does the doubt still come?  Sometimes I am weak.

So what I really really really want it so be strong enough to know that I am doing the right thing.


Just call me Silly Sal said...

What happened? Don't talk in code. Tell us.

The Silotts said...

you are strong and you are doing what is exactly right for you.. just remember to believe in yourself.!!! I do.

Robyn Olszowy said...

You are touching so many lives with your beautiful soul. The tough times only make you stronger and the good times that much greater. HUGS