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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Redesigning Elena...the traveling princess-artist-do-gooder (Part 1)

(This is going to take several blog posts but I promise it will be worth it.  Wait till you see!)

Which do I want to be associated with?

ALL OF THEM! I am finally at a point in my life, a year and half after leaving my husband and starting on this new journey where I am coming out of my fog and ready to find the answers to the question..."What do I really really really want?"

This is me and Melody Ross at Brave Girls Camp.  I went 4 times last year and it was a life changing experience. She asked us this question at camp about a year ago and I just about lost it trying to figure it out.  So I just let it go... and didn't answer it. And maybe since then it has been in the back of my mind and now, I am finally getting to it... "What do I really really really want?"

So, there are some people that have helped me figure this out.... Its going to take a few posts but I am going to document this journey...  It started with Melody and then a year later, it resurfaced with Suzi Blu.

Suzi is always trying to get me to do art. To share my art and teach my art. She pushes me to promote me...not just Charity Wings. She tells me I am an artist.

On the left is Suzi and I at the first event she helped me at. On the right is me and  Suzi on our way to an event where I got to help her!  I got to be Elena an artist 1st and charity do-gooder 2nd.  It was strange and nice and different.

Suzi helped me remember that I need to be me first.  And I will do my best work when I am feeding my creativity.  And when I keep my creative glass full, I can do amazing things for others.

Thank you Melody for asking the question.

Thank you Suzi for getting me started in answering it.

The first thing I really really really want is to have time to create art.


larells said...

I know the journey has been hard for you and isn't over yet but YOU ARE A SURVIVOR and I KNOW you will overcome and also become and artist that you want to be !!!!!!!

Gloria said...

Yeah you miss Elena... You will be just fine and one day we will sit back and ust chuckle over our sweet journey..I love you and I am so happy that your na good place and loved by such a good deserve it all

Diana D said...

What a wonderful blog!
Your art is fantastic, but I just really enjoy your candid sharing of your journey.
Be strong, take courage, and know that few will comment, but MANY will cheer for you along the way!
(standing and applauding wildly here in the Midwest!)

patty said...

Hi Elena!
Good for you - sounds like progress in the right direction and I so agree with you about having time to create! I have to say, though, I have not seen much of your art. Bring it on and get it out there!!