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Monday, June 06, 2011

Redesigning Elena...the traveling princess-artist-do-gooder (Part 3)

Im back at my desk after another fun weekend. I dont know how I get to have such an awesome life but I do!  On Wednesday last week I spent part of the evening doing art with some lovely ladies at Scripps Encinitas. These women are battling different types of Cancer and I got invited to teach them how to make jewelry.  Nothing feels better to me than this.  Making someone else happy with my art. These photos are from a different day a couple of months ago. These women were so sweet and some let me take their picture. (I had to get some photos, I am asian after all!)

and I printed these photos for them and mailed them to them. Two of them sent me thank you notes that I will cherish.

These women and their caregivers are going through something so much bigger than anything I have ever gone through and it was an honor to get to spend a little time with them teaching them something that might make their journey even the slightest bit better.

This taught me something else I really really really want....I want to make people happy with my art.  Whether I am selling my art, giving it away, teaching it, using it to raise money for worthy  causes, no matter what it is, I want this....


Pam said...

You are awesome! I love how this experience helped clarify for you what you really want :)

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

me too! its the little things that mean the most.