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Monday, February 27, 2012

blah, poop, ugh, eeek!!!

ok. Trying to remember I am a happy people.  Feeling so whiny lately and I really really have such an awesome life. 

It's like this.  I have a million things I want to do.  + a million things I have to do + a million things people want me to do.  = not enough time. 

I so wish the days didn't fly by so fast.   It's not even that there aren't enough hours. There are but there is just so much I want/need to do!!  Yes, I need it!  :)

So I stopped to smell the roses and spend some time with girlfriends and I made this.

Her name is Hope.  She has on little boots that I used my 5 year old drawing skills to come up with -while looking at a boot :)  and she is holding an umbrella behind her back and enjoying a little downpour of paint and smooch spritz!  and thanks to Cynthia, she has on real blush.

And she has no eyes because she is asian and smiling :)  hee hee.

I can say that!

Oh! and she is a Happy People!


huntla1 said...

Oh my happy people, my happy people! Hang in there all will be well. I love the idea that you went and saw the coach guy you wrote about. I was thinking about that a little while back thinking someone who advises charitable happy people had to exist. I was going to write you about that but then my menopausal self probably saw something shiny or more likely something I could eat and I got distracted most likely eating rather than writing and I forgot. It will come together. In the mean time that canvas is ADORABLE! It makes me a happy people and I'm not even a happy people. Gotta go the dog is eating a carrot and it looks good. Or she has a collar that is shiny. Or I have to go dig my earrings that I flung behind the dresser this morning out of the vacuum bag because the cleaning lady decided to thoroughly clean the dog hair behind the dresser today and didn't think it odd when she heard "pting!" "pting!" Why?

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