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Friday, February 03, 2012

i do it because I sincerely want to.

Criticism can be hard to hear.  Especially unfounded, unwarranted and misunderstood criticism but I have to say it is all something to learn from.  Even when people are dead wrong about me, I am still learning from what they say.

I don't do it for fame or fortune.  My income is below the poverty level but I have been blessed with an amazing family that supports me to the point that I can still pursue Charity Wings with almost no income.

I have NEVER EVER been paid for my work with Charity Wings aka Scrapbook Royalty.

I do this from my heart, I do the best I can and anyone that has ever had even a short conversation with me should know this.  If you don't you have judged me unfairly and without any foundation for what you think you know.

I am trying to make a difference and if it takes looking cute and having amazing artists make beautiful things for me to wear and running around with wings acting like a fairy and making people laugh to get noticed! SO BE IT! :)

I never take without giving back. I never ask for something without doing something in return. I challenge anyone to find someone who says I have.

Jealously is an ugly thing.  I'm ugly when I am jealous. And I do get jealous.  Its in our nature.  I challenge you to put the energy into starting a campaign to do some good.

Campaign for Positivity with James Hicks. Coming to Charity Wings newsletters very very soon.

Jump on a band wagon that makes the world a better place.



I love you sister!

Anonymous said...

fabulous Elena! YOU. ARE. AMAZING! And I will join James campaign anyday, he is also fabulous!!!! Love James & Liz.

Jennifer Priest said...

Keep on keeping on...we can only be the change we want to see in the world!! Love ya!!

~ Grace ~ said...

What you do makes an impact in peoples lives. It opens their eyes and their hearts to look beyond the walls of their crafty space and into the hearts of others. I was in tears many times chatting with the ladies from a charity your group helps support, Operation write home. This hits home for me and my family. Keep up the good work and don't let people bring you down!


True :) said...

The people who love and support you far out weighs the haters. You are an amazing soul who does amazing work born of the love of others who are less fortunate.
Keep on doing what you do. You are making a difference in this world which is more then I can say for the haters!

Big hugs!

True :D

Candice Windham said...

Elena, If someone hurt you with malicious words, I am so sorry this happened to you. They will pay for it on judgement day. You are one of the most upbeat, giving people I have ever known and I'd like to be you when I grow up. Rock on, Sista!

Erika Taylor said...

Good Eggs Shine Brightly and you are one of them Elena.

LauraLee said...

Love it! I have an incredible friend in Southern Ca that is the birthday fairy. She gets all dressed up for her friends birthdays and when we are out somewhere she arrives. The 1st time we were at a restraunt and she said she couldn't make it but she showed up all dressed as a fairy with wings and a big pink boa and a fairy wand tossing confetti as she entered the restraunt and made a huge grand entrance all the way to our table to wish our friend a happy birthday and made a huge to do of it, she presented her with a gift, said some fun theatrical birthday stuff and made a grand exit! It was to die for! I begged her to never do it for me ( I get super embarrassed at any attention grabbing events) so she always threatens to be my birthday fairy! It's not something I could do but I love that she does that and everyone else loves it to. Be you! Enjoy life and make others smile. Ignore the crabby , cranky, prudish, and meam people in life. It's way too short not to have fun!

Eileen Hull said...

Hey Elena- I always enjoy the time I spend with you because you are such a positive and happy person. Don't let anyone take that from you. Who cares what they think? You are right where you should be! Hugs hugs HUGS!

The Silotts said...

Elena, the people who truly know you know how true your heart is. those that criticize only wish they had the same big heart.!!

RollerScrapper said...

Don't let the turkeys get you down. You do a fabulous job and anyone who has the gall to criticize you has no clue! Keep on keeping on!