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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ok. a post a day... well, weekday :)

Legoland California
with Matt & mini Matts
I did this post on Monday and then didn't publish it!!  Darn.  I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks!

I had a very nice weekend. It was spent playing and taking care of friends and people I love.  I really don't know what is better than that to me.  It's in my blood and part of my spirit to give.  It's not that I am a good person, it's that it is what makes me feel the best.

What makes me not feel the best is having my efforts be taken for granted.  Of course, in reality I have to remember to always give expecting nothing in return. And that is what I try to do but I don't always succeed.

So note to self.  Give without strings.

blogging does help me :)

I hope you had an awesome weekend too!


Jennifer Priest said...

mini Matts--ha!!

Gloria said...

hi sweets your fan picture...glad your smiling..

Anonymous said...

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