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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm 40 and Nothing is wrong with me.

I'm a 40 year old quirky girl who does not have any life threatening illnesses, has never broken a bone, never gets sick (refuse to), has healthy parents, healthy brother, wonderful boyfriend and awesome friends.

I get up every day and do what I love.  I have Charity Wings and good friends and that has saved me whenever I am down.

And I do get down.  My life is far from perfect. For one I have incredible insecurities and have a hard time believing that any one actually likes me.

And, I have not been able to have children of my own.  This is my biggest regret and most painful hole in my heart. I love kids.

I have a BA in Psychology and have never taken a class in Non-Profit anything.  I have insecurities about that and am going to change that about myself.

I don't run Charity Wings because I have a compelling story, illness, or reason to make a difference.  I just do it because it's what I am supposed to do.
I want to do good things and I think my real gift is bringing together my community to do good things with me.

This is my story.  I'm going to record it here on my blog.  I'm going to blog at least once a day for 30 days and see if I can form a habit. and maybe along the way I will find out who I am.


Martha Richardson said...

You do what you do because you are who you are...and that is wonderful!

Scrapin Kat said...

Just keep doing what you love -- in the end only things you choose will be important-

leslierahye said...

I love this candid statement about you! :)
I'm glad we're going to take this journey together!
I'm a new follower!