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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who likes blogging?

Sometimes I love blogging, it can be so therapeutic and then sometimes, it can be a chore. Oh, maybe that is because I am trying to do this every day.. haha.

So, I have been having that dream where I am trying to run but I just can't get my body to move.  have you had that dream. If I remember correctly from my college days it's because when we are in REM we are paralyzed so that we don't jump off the bed and actually start running. I'm going to google that now of course :) you should too. I sometimes dream things and then they are in my head and poof! they become my reality.

this is not a recent photo at all!! :)
Well, anyway, so I have been having my running but not being able to run dreams and in my dream I say to myself, "This is so weird, this usually happens only when I am dreaming and I am not dreaming right now, so this is really weird."

I really have vivid dreams.  So much that I remember a lot of my dreams. And I have a lot of recurring dreams. I think I would make a good experiment for a dream therapist :)

I wonder if I am just feeling stuck and so I dream about running or trying to move and I can't and it is because I am stuck in this weird place with Charity Wings.  I don't want to give it up, but it takes so much to make it work and I find that I run out of resources.  So maybe I am not stuck. I am just not able to move forward as fast as I want to.

ahhhhh... blogging does help me :)

I'm a happy people. I hope you are too!

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